There is something special about Pittsburgh, PA.  I know many people say that about where they were born, as it is part of the nurture in the nature/nurture aspect of us becoming who we are. I’ll be the first to say that other cities have part of my mind and spirit, but Pittsburgh will always have my heart. Going back every now and again grounds me as to where I came from and helps to remind me where I am going.  This trip was no different.

I played two shows that were completely different experiences, and both truly enjoyable.  I sat out a couple more opportunities to play, as I wanted to spend more time with family and friends instead of an audience. All in all I got to connect with friends and the town again (although I am still grateful to be in SC in the winter).

Next time, I’d like to have a few more days to accomplish more and see more and enjoy more. It always seems like a week is never enough.  That said, I’m energized for a great summer of shows and other musical adventures!