Random, Unattached EP Thoughts


I would never assume anything about the physical aspects of pregnancy and child birth, but from a psychological standpoint there are some similarities in bringing a long-term artistic project to life. Any album, if done right, should be a labor of love — growing from conception to fully formed artistic pieces that form a fuller, artistic whole. I’ll be the first to admit that I have music that was put out just to share music, without the pretense of putting its best artistic foot forward (sometimes you just have to share some music). But studio albums should be different. It goes beyond simply sharing music. It’s about the process of crafting music to share.

I know that recordings can’t capture the energy exchanged between performer(s) and audiences, so I have come to realize that the studio is where you create art and the stage is where you create magic. Where time on stage should be moments of connection and energy exchange between those listening and those performing,  time in the studio should be time to connect (or reconnect) to the music. I found out a great deal about my songs on this EP just by playing them to a click track. My last album, Songwriters Lament, I learned so much about those songs just by taking in what the other artists playing on the album saw in the music.

By connecting with it on an artistic level, each song feels like a child i have been raising. Releasing the EP, I find myself with a bit of empty nest syndrome or postpartum exhaustion. These are no longer my songs. These songs are now the property of those who can listen and re-listen to the exact same take of the song and get whatever feeling, thought or nuance they get out of them. Why I wrote the songs is unimportant. Why I changed that major to a minor is only important to me. And I’m good with that.

In a month or so, I’ll start thinking of the project and then it will become my next labor of love, proud that my previous creations are out and making their way through the world. Even as I go through the business side of the new EP, I look forward to the creation side of what’s next.


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